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About our company

Hello, I am Paul Meyers owner of Meyers Wires Inc. Licensed Electrician.  I have been been in business for over 20 years, and I am confident to state that I offer the finest service imaginable.  Since I am an owner-operated company, I personally do all the consultations, installations, and repairs. With over 5,000 customers, including over 9,000 repairs and installations, I take extreme pride in giving my customers the most dependable and optimal service possible. My reputation among satisfied customers speaks for itself. I cater to installing everything electric from the most basic to the most elaborate.  

    I only use Top brand-name products that are of the upmost quality and that is why I offer exceptional electrical installations, for example, I use the Sempria series made by Task under-cabinet led lighting made in the USA, and second to none, Proficient audio speakers and Garden Light landscape fixtures, etc.

    When working on a home project that involves electric wiring, remember that even the smallest mistake can result in a major loss, injury or damage. When a home-improvement project calls for electric work, use a licensed electrician. Licensed does not mean expensive. Licensed means smart & safe. Be smart & safe always use a Licensed & fully insured electrician.

     When choosing any electrician I am sure that you not only want a dependable professional but also a person that could discuss your concerns regarding your impending project. I can state that I am a conscientious electrician, always on time to start your project, and will always conclude your project in a prompt manner. I am innovative in terms of any electrical project and I consider myself an honest professional who strives for perfection no matter the extent of the job. In conclusion, when you hire me you hire a craftsman who loves and enjoys what he does.

    If you are considering an electrical project please contact me with the knowledge that I give free estimates. I  will  I detail  what needs to be done and I will also, if a project warrants it, bring actual lighting equipment(parts) to further illustrate how I envision performing the project.

    Conscientous, Very fast, Prompt, Neat, accurate, innovative, Honest, & a Perfectionist!   Faster than the speed of electricity,

more powerful than a high voltage line, able to protect against circuit overload, look up at the circuit breaker panel, it's a troubleshooter the lights are back on it's Meyers Wires with Knowledge that comes from expierence .

       I pad always on board to show you hundreds of installations.

Free estimates cheerfully given. Home estimates w/ lighting displays in your home. Instead of looking @ pictures of high hats I carry numerous types of high hats that i can display lighted up in your home. 


You can always find me @,, Trusted, Google page,, &, A rating on Angies List !





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