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Emergency Service  (516) 764-5580

  I offer 24 hr: 7 days a week, 365 days a year emergency service with a smile, so relax and be assured that I am on the way to attend your problems promptly and competently !



Wall sconces, track lighting, high hats, pole lights,

cutting edge landscape lighting, changing color

led lighting, bollard lighting, path way lighting, accent lighting, ceiling lights, tape led lighting,

commercial lighting, exit signs, pendant lighting, chandeliers, ceiling fans & much more !




Over 300 services installed from 100 amperes to

800 amperes. Residential / Commercial




Swimming Pools

Over 100 swimming pools wired. In-the ground,

semi-in the ground, above the ground. Installing

Jandy aqua Link for over 10 years (automation).

Depending upon your budget I can install automation so you can control your pool from inside your home or w/ digital time clocks mounted outside.


Residential Specialist


When I enter your home the first thing I do is drop a quilted drop cloth by your front door & more where needed.

      Love designing lighting & installing unique products . For instance only 2 inch wide cutting edge Led High hats !


Stand-By & portable. Natural Gas, propane, dual fuel & interlocks. Do you own a generator? If not you should consider one since if offers you the capability to ensure that all of your essential appliances (such as your refrigerator) your gas or oil burner will be operational during unforeseen circumstances, such as a storm or power outage from your utility company. If a stand by generator is not in your budget I can get 90% of your house running with the proper size portable generator and interlock switch.


Smart Combination smoke & Carbon Monoxide

Detectors that alert your smart device. A must have!

Very cool !



Home Theater & Audio/video

I am a Yamaha & Onkyo Certified Dealer. Installing home theater for over 20 years. Installing Flat screen TV's since 2002. Do you remember Pioneer's Elite Plasma TV.




Troubleshooting Expert

Have a problem such as a dead short. Piece of cake for me. Never been stumped yet & never will be. Call me I will find the problem & fix it. I consider myself an expert in not only locating this short but also fixing it so as to give you assurances that you, and your family, are safe from a negative electrical occurrence( such as an electrical fire). 



Service Calls/Repair/Replace/Install

Small jobs gladly done w/ a smile all the time





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